“Those who wish to sing always find a song”

I’ve finally found my niche in the land of exercise – hello PiYo!!

I, like many other women, have tried 454,345,158 ways to make working out a part of my daily life.  In the past, I’ve only succeeded when there was a deadline – senior prom, that boy I liked in college that had 4% body fat, my wedding…but I just couldn’t make it stick.

I have this way of sabotaging myself, especially when it comes to weight loss.  As mentioned above, I’ve done this before – I know what I need to do to get the results I want.  And many, many, many times, I’ve began that process and then stalled…either because I wasn’t seeing enough progress, or because I was tired, or because I was lazy, or because I hated whatever program I’d chosen.

I think the trick is making it part of your routine, like brushing your teeth and getting dressed, and I had absolutely no desire to do anything I’ve ever tried before every single day!

But this is different…I look forward to this, I feel good when I’m done, and I can’t wait to do it again!  I can see myself doing this consistently.

So it would seem that the part of me that was always giving up, or looking for the next quick fix, turned out to be just the opposite.  “Ya ever feel like your train of thought’s been derailed?  That’s when you press on – Lee nails!”


What am I thinking?

There have been more than enough confessions of a serial dieter,  but I still can’t help looking for the next thing that will keep me engaged.

The latest attempts include:

T25 (http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/focus-t25-workout.do?e=272945):  I work in main office of my company and there are maybe 15 people total at this location.  The big boss decided he wanted to construct an on-site gym, so now there are a few pieces of equipment, some free weights and a BowFlex.  But it did start to spread the fitness bug around…while there is an elite group following the program to a tee, I am on the bandwagon for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 430pm.  25 minutes baby…

21 Day Fix (http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/21-day-fix-simple-fitness-eating.do):  I got into this one (another Beach Body program) because a friend started doing it and was getting great results.  I should have known better…while the workouts are great (and not as hard as T25), there are these color-coded containers that you use.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hungry or anything, but washing them and measuring everything ahead of time (so I’m not late for work!) is a lot to be responsible for.  The main problem with this one is that I can’t find a good app to keep me in check! Yes, I am that girl…

DietBet (http://www.dietbetter.com/):  The concept of this is awesome – there are no restrictions, set diets, regimes, what have you…this one is all on you, but fuels the need for competition!  Pay some money, lose some weight, win some money?  I think yes!!

And so it begins…again.  But this time, I think I may be on the right track…I’m not following any one theory or program.  Instead, I’m just trying to see what I need to get healthy.  And that’s where the road will begin to curve….

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