About Me

Hi there!!

I’m Meredith…here’s the specs:

  • Evolving since 1976
  • Chicago Bears fan since 1984
  • Waitress/Barmaid extrodinaire 1995-2005
  • Food and drink enthusiest since 1997
  • Red Sox fan since 2004 (don’t judge – I had never watched baseball until I met my husband that year!)
  • Financial Operations guru since 2005
  • Motherless woman since 2007
  • Married to my best friend since 2007
  • Neurotic and anxious stress-mess since 2008
  • Homeowner since 2011
  • Mama to the craziest of bugs since 2012
  • Cancer survivor since 2012
  • Lover of music and the arts
  • TV junkie
  • Self-proclaimed busybody and secret-keeper
  • Previous wild child turned not so wild
  • Part-time homebody



2 Comments (+add yours?)

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