What am I thinking?

There have been more than enough confessions of a serial dieter,  but I still can’t help looking for the next thing that will keep me engaged.

The latest attempts include:

T25 (http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/focus-t25-workout.do?e=272945):  I work in main office of my company and there are maybe 15 people total at this location.  The big boss decided he wanted to construct an on-site gym, so now there are a few pieces of equipment, some free weights and a BowFlex.  But it did start to spread the fitness bug around…while there is an elite group following the program to a tee, I am on the bandwagon for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 430pm.  25 minutes baby…

21 Day Fix (http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/21-day-fix-simple-fitness-eating.do):  I got into this one (another Beach Body program) because a friend started doing it and was getting great results.  I should have known better…while the workouts are great (and not as hard as T25), there are these color-coded containers that you use.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hungry or anything, but washing them and measuring everything ahead of time (so I’m not late for work!) is a lot to be responsible for.  The main problem with this one is that I can’t find a good app to keep me in check! Yes, I am that girl…

DietBet (http://www.dietbetter.com/):  The concept of this is awesome – there are no restrictions, set diets, regimes, what have you…this one is all on you, but fuels the need for competition!  Pay some money, lose some weight, win some money?  I think yes!!

And so it begins…again.  But this time, I think I may be on the right track…I’m not following any one theory or program.  Instead, I’m just trying to see what I need to get healthy.  And that’s where the road will begin to curve….


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