Let the holiday season commence!

Let’s talk “30 Days of Thankful”…

I’m contradicting myself, I’ll admit it!!  I totally broadcasted my 30 days last year on FB, and thought it was so hip and helpful and unselfish – it wasn’t.  It was vain and long-winded and anything but thankful!!

Why do we need a holiday to realize what we are thankful for?  I should be thanking the universe every single day for the great things I have in my life.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m done waiting for an occasion to do the important things that I want to be a part of who I am. I think I should resolve right this second to make the changes I want for myself, because I want to make them and not because it’s a new year and a “clean slate.”

I resolve to be thankful EVERY DAY for the things that I have – my family and my home and a steady job and fresh air.  I’m not going to be fanatical and recite my thanks like prayers or write them down.  What I am going to do is to tell the people that matter exactly how much I love and appreciate them.  I’m going to make an effort to think before I speak.

That’s a big one for me, because I have a tendency to say whatever is on my mind.  But I’m starting to believe that everyone’s idea of a problem, no matter how small, is still a problem to them, and they deserve to work it out in the best way that they know how.

I’m also going to be honest with myself – I’m far from perfect.  There, I said it.  I can be judgmental and mean, but I can also be a great friend and a lot of fun! I have flaws, but I have attributes also.  Every.Single.Person.In.The.World.Has.Both.

So I’m going to finish my workday, wish my co-workers a great weekend, and go make dinner for my little family.  And when I close my eyes tonight, I’ll try to not think about bills or laundry or the list of what needs to be cleaned; instead, I’ll think about Q’s happy squeal when I get to pick her up at day care, and of R’s kiss when we see each other at home, and of how warm and cozy I am in my bed.  And if I can manage that, then I’m off to a good start for tomorrow!


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