Dun dun dun….

So, it seems to me that just about everyone is affected by cancer in some way or another.  Whether it’s someone you know, someone in your family, or even you.

For me, it was a double dose…

My mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in June of 2006.  To say it was a shock does not even come close to the reality of the situation.  I had no idea she was even feeling unwell, let alone the fact that she was seeing several different doctors about her issues.

As we know now, once it’s Pancreatic it seems that there is no turning back.  She lost the battle on April 19, 2007, less than a year after the diagnosis.  What transpired between June and April is for another day.

Fast forward to my post-Q doctor’s appointment in July 2012…an abnormal test result led to a procedure that led to a cancer diagnosis.  And all of that led to a serious and life-changing discussion for me and R, a surgery in September 2012, and contentment with a family of 3.


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