I hate back fat. Period.

This is a REALLY bad time of year.  Not bad in the sense that I’m sad and have bad memories, but more that I seriously DO NOT take care of myself from October until at least January!!

It starts when the weather gets cooler…comfort food comes out of hiding and sweaters come up from bins in the basement.  Then, football season starts, which means get-togethers, chips and dips, the men in one room and women in another…Then tack on Thanksgiving, gifts from the field coming into work, the work Christmas party, and then the Christmas/New Year explosion and…

I don’t want to explode.  I don’t want to be the skinny-minny I was in my mid-20s either.  I just want to be healthy, and have a positive outlook about myself, and teach my daughter to feel the same about herself.  Is that too much to ask??

I have a “fat” buddy at work, and we’ve created goals and programs together before that have worked.  We will be meeting on Wednesday to put a new Baby-Step Method into play…stay tuned!


Let the holiday season commence!

Let’s talk “30 Days of Thankful”…

I’m contradicting myself, I’ll admit it!!  I totally broadcasted my 30 days last year on FB, and thought it was so hip and helpful and unselfish – it wasn’t.  It was vain and long-winded and anything but thankful!!

Why do we need a holiday to realize what we are thankful for?  I should be thanking the universe every single day for the great things I have in my life.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m done waiting for an occasion to do the important things that I want to be a part of who I am. I think I should resolve right this second to make the changes I want for myself, because I want to make them and not because it’s a new year and a “clean slate.”

I resolve to be thankful EVERY DAY for the things that I have – my family and my home and a steady job and fresh air.  I’m not going to be fanatical and recite my thanks like prayers or write them down.  What I am going to do is to tell the people that matter exactly how much I love and appreciate them.  I’m going to make an effort to think before I speak.

That’s a big one for me, because I have a tendency to say whatever is on my mind.  But I’m starting to believe that everyone’s idea of a problem, no matter how small, is still a problem to them, and they deserve to work it out in the best way that they know how.

I’m also going to be honest with myself – I’m far from perfect.  There, I said it.  I can be judgmental and mean, but I can also be a great friend and a lot of fun! I have flaws, but I have attributes also.  Every.Single.Person.In.The.World.Has.Both.

So I’m going to finish my workday, wish my co-workers a great weekend, and go make dinner for my little family.  And when I close my eyes tonight, I’ll try to not think about bills or laundry or the list of what needs to be cleaned; instead, I’ll think about Q’s happy squeal when I get to pick her up at day care, and of R’s kiss when we see each other at home, and of how warm and cozy I am in my bed.  And if I can manage that, then I’m off to a good start for tomorrow!

Dun dun dun….

So, it seems to me that just about everyone is affected by cancer in some way or another.  Whether it’s someone you know, someone in your family, or even you.

For me, it was a double dose…

My mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in June of 2006.  To say it was a shock does not even come close to the reality of the situation.  I had no idea she was even feeling unwell, let alone the fact that she was seeing several different doctors about her issues.

As we know now, once it’s Pancreatic it seems that there is no turning back.  She lost the battle on April 19, 2007, less than a year after the diagnosis.  What transpired between June and April is for another day.

Fast forward to my post-Q doctor’s appointment in July 2012…an abnormal test result led to a procedure that led to a cancer diagnosis.  And all of that led to a serious and life-changing discussion for me and R, a surgery in September 2012, and contentment with a family of 3.

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